The world is so chaotic right now. We are living in unprecedented times. From the current divisive political climate to the troubling and crippling weather patterns we’ve experienced as a nation and the world, there is much going on. Yet, one beautiful thing has risen in our culture, during what seems to be unsettled times – that one thing being, the pursuit of purpose. Everywhere you turn, whether it is in popular magazines, colleges and universities, and even in the corporate world, people are asking deeper questions about life and work. What is the point? Why am I here? How do I find my “why”? How do I find my purpose? How do I find meaning and fulfillment in my life and work?

Maybe this is a product of the times we are living in or maybe it is a desperate reach for validity and value of humanity. Whatever it is, I am so excited to be in the middle of it. I enjoy asking questions that lead to individuals finding confidence in their natural talents, gifts and interests. I enjoy connecting people with the population they feel called to serve or the issue or cause they desire to address.  I enjoy helping people find value in the work of their hands and the creative thoughts and ideas of their minds.

The reason why I enjoy purpose is because I believe that each and every person has one. And each is significant because the world needs it all. We, humanity are somehow incomplete when others aren’t pursuing their purpose. I truly believe in the connectedness of mankind and ultimately our individual purpose serves a collective purpose – yet to be determined. But most importantly, there is so much FUN in the pursuit of it!